Home Renovations in Brevard Country, Florida

Home Renovations in Brevard Country, Florida

At Home Wreckers our core focus is to enrich the quality of life for each customer. We take pride in our craftsmanship and offer unmatched customer service. Let us turn your renovation dream into a wonderful home reality.

Home Wreckers specializes in all home renovations, ranging from full kitchen and baths to lifting your roof line to fit all of your cars. There isn’t anything in your residence that Home Wreckers is unable to create for you. Our business has evolved from porches, decks & roofing to complete home remodels. Our crews are experienced in all aspects of home remodeling from bathrooms & kitchens to siding & decks. 

We will consult with you to assess whether you need, or want, a total home renovation or a limited home remodel. Whether your project requires stripping the structure down to the studs and replacing the roof or a partial home remodel, our team will work with you to create the new home of your dreams.

Regardless of your reason for talking to a contractor about a total renovation or whole home remodel, there are a few important things that need to be considered. 

Reasons to Hire a Professional Contractor for Your Complete Home Remodel

We Consider the Resale Value

We will consult with you to assess whether a complete home remodel is the best option for your homes resale value. Our team will work with you to decide whether it’s best to strip everything down to the studs and start over, or possibly limit the remodel in certain areas. Budget can be a factor as well and we will help you decide how best to use your budget wisely.

Our Crews are Comfortable & Respectful

Our crews are considerate of your space and time. We do our best to build relationships with our clients to make the renovation a positive experience for everyone involved.

We are responsive and take pride in our communication. We will communicate by text, e-mail, and speak to you in person frequently. Remember, we work for you!

Develop a Plan to use Your Budget Wisely & Honor Your Budget.

A complete home remodel can be complex and it can be difficult to decide on the best way to spend your budget wisely. Complete home remodel projects often have unexpected problems arise. Our experienced team does a great job of looking for speed bumps that are going to arise throughout the project and planning for them. We pride ourselves on setting a realistic budget with hour clients and honoring the set spending goal.

How to plan for building permits when planning a home remodel

Building permits take a notoriously long time in many areas. We know what to plan for. Whether you are dealing with zoning issues, electrical or demolition, we know what to plan for.

The great thing about working with a contractor is that we will handle all of the permitting for you. Even so, know that permits slow down projects and add to their overall cost.

We Take Safety and Cleanliness Seriously

We know the importance of respecting your space. Whether it’s limited dust and fumes or dealing with lead-based paint, our crews are experienced and considerate.

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