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Why Choose Metal

In a lifetime your home faults to be your biggest investment, providing shelter for you and your family, it proves worthy to make sure your home is at peak performance. Choosing a metal proves to be a major way to do so in more ways than one. Metal roofs can last a lifetime while asphalt shingle may need replacing in 20 years.

Metal roofs age well and refrain from shrinking or eroding, while also withstanding hail storms, high winds and heavy rains. In the US with the influx of bad weather and storms let a metal roof give you a piece of mind. An added bonus is white or mill-finish offers both UV resistance and is energy efficient which can save you money on heating or cooling.

There is a metal option to fit any home aesthetic, you can choose from multiple different colors, or profiles. Starting at classic champagne standing seam, to red simulated tile, or gray country shake. Whatever style  house you have we have a metal option for you. Call Home Wreckers today to inquire about our in house metal machine that allows us to offer you a metal roof at better prices than ever before.

What Set Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

At Home Wreckers we specialize in metal by having our very own in house metal machine; making metal roofs more affordable than ever. We are dedicated to completing your job on time, within budget and for both parties to leave happier and in better condition than when started. Even through growth and expansion here at Home Wreckers we hold it high in our values to keep our small town familial touch to make sure our customers know they are important and will be well cared for.

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